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How we use Tripadvisor

December 15, 2012   

Tripadvisor has turned my world around in just a few years – not just mine, but everyone else out there running a business in travel and leisure, and if it hasn’t hit you yet, watch out because it will!

An estimated 9.5 million travellers are posting their first hand experiences of hotels, restaurants and even airlines, and fellow travellers are reading these reviews before they book.

When we first experienced Tripadvisor feedback my reaction was “Hey, this isn’t fair! Not all the people posting reviews about our hotel have even stayed here. Of those who have stayed with us some people say some pretty extreme, unfair, and sometimes, downright unbalanced things.”

So how do you use Tripadvisor to get a real sense of a place if you are thinking of booking?

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London or New York?

December 3, 2012   

For those with the time and money, a pre-Christmas shopping trip to New York is seen as a real treat. It’s almost a cliche – the romantic weekend in New York, shopping, cocktails and dinner with the snow falling outside. Like a 1940′s movie.

However, if what you have in mind is a romantic pre-Christmas shopping weekend, don’t write London off just yet. The capital has a raft of interesting and affordable places to shop and dine, and some of the most romantic spots in Europe to sit and chat. Here, we compare the two.

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Shopping For Christmas Presents in London

November 16, 2012   

London is well established as one of the world’s great shopping venues. This is never more true than at Christmas, when the capital really excels. The great destinations like Oxford Street and Harrods attract millions of visitors. But what if you are looking for something a bit different?

If you are looking for a more unusual Christmas present this year, then Elizabeth Street could be for you.  In the heart of Belgravia, not far from Victoria Station, it is an incredibly pretty, semi-pedestrianised street, full of original, independent shops. Ideal Christmas present territory.

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Hello world!

November 3, 2012   

Welcome to Georgian House Ideas, which is the blog of the Georgian House Hotel in London. This blog is a place where we will share our ideas, experiences, and offers which we trust will be useful to anyone visiting London or staying with us.

We’d welcome your feedback. Tell us what you think about what we’ve said, and let us know if you’ve any ideas or experiences that you think would be helpful.